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Hotel Boutique Sitges Royal Rooms

A romantic boutique hotel that offers an experience of luxury and royalty, with the touch of closeness offered by its hosts.



Lover and graduate of the history of art, he is the creator of the house renovation. Always attentive to what is in antique dealers and auctions.



The butler of the house, always greets kindly without disturbing anyone.

Adopted in 2019, it is the joy of the house.



A career scientist and vocation for tourism and hospitality, he loves to spend good times with his clients and make them unforgettable breakfasts.

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The family's house of indianos

by Antoni Carreras

The Antoni Carreras i Robert house was built in 1908 and is the work of the Barcelona architect Eduard Mercader y Sacanella who adopted a modernist Gothic style for the facade of the house.

For decades the house has been known as the Sitges music school, it was remodeled in 2014 preserving the architectural elements and the spirit of the music that is still very much alive. The 9 rooms are named after operas and each one has its own personality and identity

Photography: Maria Gurod

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